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Dhalla added: "If we have to go through an injunction, we'll do whatever is necessary." Lawyer Anthony Powell responded Jan. 27, telling Pinos "your client willingly participated," understood the film "was going to be produced and sold commercially," and Dhalla "waived any rights you allege she has." Both letters were provided to the Sun by Sihra. The music industry is no stranger to the name Ruby, and the same can be said for Hollywood and show business in general.

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The politician, who represents Brampton-Springdale, claims Kyon Kis Liye (Why? ) plus posters and photos for the low-budget 2003 Hamilton-made film were "doctored." She does not deny appearing in the movie.

Admitting yesterday "we've never seen a copy of the film," Dhalla, 35, said "they are misrepresenting myself ...

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