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It gets really bad when the heels get stuck in the grates and the shoes come off — or break. He’s not homeless, he’s a hipster — don’t worry, it’s a common confusion.) (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut! Surprisingly, 45th Street and Fifth Avenue are quite long. (Side note: You really should think about walking on the grates. ) New Yorkers really appreciate anyone adding to the noise pollution levels. When it rains, as it tends to do, reconsider holding your huge black golf umbrella that you can’t see through really tightly and close to your face as you ramble Godzilla-like down the street. That’s like braking in the fast line on the freeway. Sometimes it gets crushed, but when there’s room, best to spread out. Then laughing hysterically as New Yorkers in heels are forced to navigate those grates in heels. Like this thoughtful young man below: New Yorkers are multitalented but not psychic (well, not all of us, anyway), so as one New Yorker, “Mel,” puts it, “I need to know where you tourists would like to end up before I tell you which train to take and what stop to get off at.” Know the name of the site — or at least whether it’s on the east or west side of Manhattan. Stand too close and you will most likely get an elbow in the side. Take him to the area where you want him to pee in the future. The actual words are not important but what is important is that you use the same words every time you take him outside. Dogs do not always think the spot you have chosen for them to pee or poop is the best choice. With urine marking the dog deposits a smaller amount of urine.He thinks you are his possession and any objects related to you are also his possessions.Dog urine marking is not a bathroom training issue but rather an issue concerning a whole range of instinctive behaviors.

We, the citizens of New York, love tourists (no, really, we do!Worse comes to worst, they’ll cave in and you will fall 10 feet, possibly busting an arm, and then get to sue the city for millions! ) We may zone it out, but in this shared space, a (really loud) stage whisper about “that man over there” or “that weird homeless guy” brands you as a tourist, if not a jerk. Laugh uproariously as you poke out several eyeballs and run into people instead of, say, lifting your umbrella as people pass. "I’m so glad I didn’t have Instagram when I was 13," says my friend, Monique.Saying a nice greeting to everyone is the best way to catch someone's attention.If that doesn't work usually it's best to address someone with a question.Monique explains that, at a more impressionable age, she could have found herself really sucked into Instagram; obsessed with it.


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